6 Questions to ask before giving feedback

Do you want to know how to give that perfect feedback? Before giving any feedback ask yourself 6 simple questions. The answers will be your guide to providing the perfect feedback.

“Feedback is a gift. Ideas are the currency of our next success. Let people see you value both feedback and ideas.”

                                                                              Jim Trinka & Les Wallace

1) Am I being specific?

Feedback should be to the point. You should not adopt a round about fashion of delivery. It should be directed towards a behavior, with an improvement suggestion. That’s it!

2) Am I showing the way to grow and develop this person?

What is your intent?

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The intent behind giving a feedback, should be to assist the receiver in its work. The intent should never be to impress the other person with your knowledge or experience.

3) Can this person really do something about this?

The feedback should be directed towards a behavioural change, which can be addressed, not towards personality or intelligence traits which are difficult to change.

4) Will this add value to this person?

The intent behind a feedback should always be to trigger a change which proves helpful to the feedback receiver. A feedback which addresses an issue which cannot be altered and will not add any value or progression to the career of the recipient should be avoided.

5) Does this represent facts?

Feedback should never be an afterthought. A afterthought might not be based on perfect facts. What is advocated here is the notepad method. A notepad method is where we make notes in real time. These notes will help the feedback provider to provide a feedback which is based on facts and not opinion.

6) Are you using silence to the optimum?

Silence is golden in communication skills. Silence should always be used to perfection while giving feedback. Once you give the feedback in person, maintain silence for some time. Let the feedback receiver absorb the feedback given, give some time for a thought provoked response. Use silence, it works!

“Feedback is like rain should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying its roots”

If you are planning to give a feedback, review your feedback through these questions, further fine tune it. Your final feedback is ready to be delivered.

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