Points to remember before giving a presentation

Broadly speaking there are three kinds of presentation. One that you had prepared to give. The next kind of presentation is the one which you imagine that you have given; the last kind being the one you have actually delivered!

A simple caution to start with is that your presentation should finish before the attention span of the audience to concentrate gets over. In short be concise and to the point.

Given below are 4 points which will guide you to remain on track when you are giving a presentation.

Who are they? Be aware of the people who will be present as audience when you are giving your presentation. Awareness of the audience and their preferences is paramount. Go online collect as much information about them as possible. Try to find out their common interest. Try to customise your presentation in accordance to their interests and choices.

Issues. Customise your presentation, make each one of them feel heard and understood, that you are there to resolve their concerns. Find out their problems, give them importance. Try sending them an email to know more about what they want, or expect from the presentation. Each member of the audience always asks the question “What is there for me” Give them what they desire.

Solutions. Each person present there, now feels satisfied that you have understood the problem or what they are looking for. Now you need to win over their confidence by giving solutions to the problems or concerns presented. Once the problems and the intent behind their presence is known, try to give them concrete solutions. They all want to know what you have that can solve their problem. They are looking for solutions; ways to reach the target; statistically supported answers which are achievable and tangible.

Help. The conclusion of the presentation should be with an assurance that you are there to resolve. Offer the audience or the members present help in the form of benefits, responses and feedback. The help offered can be tangible or non-tangible. The point to make evident is that you can be relied and trusted, with the whole process.

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Once having understood the importance of knowing the audience, understanding their concerns, addressing and finding solutions. Now, you need to go ahead and present your presentation in a confident and authentic way.

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