A Winning Start-Up Team

No matter how flawless your idea of starting a new business is, a lot lies on some strong steps you take. The strongest part of your process is to build a team that will take the whole burden of the business and makes the business stand on its shoulders. As a new company, your team matters a lot. Building a team is a priority for any start-up. Achievement, Agreement, Business, Cheer Up

Team-building is a critical step for more reasons than one. Before you start with it, the whole and sole responsibility are yours alone. This is called scalability. Scalability is not sustainable. Doing everything alone will make your quality of work go down. And that’s not a very efficient way to do any business. 

A solid team will take hard work and time, which people should you take? How many members do you want on the team? How will you make the company look attractive enough? There are some components that you’ll have to look into. 

Your company’s first team sets an example for the rest of your employees. If your first team is a go-getter, the company will keep attracting the right and serious employees following that. If you are alone, you wouldn’t actually figure out the direction you’re in.   Entrepreneur, Startup, Start-Up, Man, Woman, Team


Of course, you and the co-founders (if any) are the leaders of your team. If you have a co-founder, plan the start of your team with him. You should decide the structure and foundation of your start-up. You will need people in sales, marketing, CS, programming, accounts, management, etc. You will have to prioritize your team and the positions to be filled. Find people with the talent and skill you require. Hire action- takers who can get the job done. Make sure you hire the best!

Direction synced:

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The team members should all be rowing in the same direction. Everyone cannot be doing their own thing. Separate ideas, separate actions don’t run a good company. People have to be working together as a team. Going the wrong way can make the entire thing go haywire! Communication, meetings and group discussions are vital for any great team to work their way to success. Talk, discuss, share and laugh with each other. It is the gate to any company and its great work.


Look for a common connection with your team and its members. Striking the right chord with each person is very important. Honesty is the key to your staff. Be open and never hide anything. Convey the right message that will help them reach the goal. This makes them feel assured of the trust you have with them. Also, be clear about what you expect from them and what they need to bring into the business. 

Hard work:

Hard work in a start-up business is a big requirement. Hire people who will put their talent to use. Work ethics are important too. If a person has all the skills and no ethics to work in a team, he/she will never succeed. But that doesn’t mean the team can’t have fun at work. In fact, you should have time allocated or a day allocated for serious work. Sometimes you need that break for a pause and they do great at work.


Offer some equity to your team members. It will motivate them and give a stronger feeling of being close to the company. They will be glad to work harder and put in some extra effort. But make sure the equity comes with a lock-in period. This will avoid you losing out on teammates in the initial stages of the company. You can keep the salary low as this will help you with extra funding. 

Game-management approach:

Like how in sports the teams are coached and prepared by the coaches to study the competition well, you need to do this with your start-up companies too. There’s a lot of ambiguity and uncertainty. Sometimes, the plan has to be changed and adjusted. Good leaders should know how to do that. This is how the management of the company should be.

The Process: 

While hiring, don’t miss out on doing some background check on the staff you hire. Even on a potential employee. Test them. Give them smaller tasks and let them work their way towards the bigger ones. Notice their work and their way of communication. Notice their teamwork, skills, results with work and everything else. 


After becoming a part of the company, the candidate will have to be checked on some post-hire assessment. Meaning working with strategies, in training, promotion, and development. This will be efficient for the other team members.

Don’t fear-failures:

Don’t fear to hire people. Even if they fail at their tasks, it’s a learning curve for them and for you. If they have been failed in life before, this can work as an advantage for you. They will handle any similar situation well now. They will have more patience and not lose motivation easily. 

A great company starts with a greater team. As a leader, aim high, push your team and make them feel they are a bigger part of the company. Their contributions matter and they need to keep putting their hard work and adjustments always. Also, always, always celebrate the success with your team. These milestones are impossible without them all!

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