Communication Styles

Communication style is a manifestation of our personality.

Personalities and Communication styles are not the same.  Personality type is difficult to alter whereas sufficient knowledge of communication style can help us to mold our style into a better version. Here are the five main communication styles.

Assertive: These people generally have high self-esteem. They are the balanced communicators who are neither too passive or too aggressive. They are expressive socially and emotionally in their communications. They know how to ask directly in a manner which is least intrusive. They generally have medium pitch, speed and volume. They maintain good eye contact and have a relaxed posture. Though this is the preferred form of communication style it is the least used.

Aggressive: These communicators primary focus is on winning even on other’s expense. For these personalities their needs are more important, they can resort to bullying and intimidation to get their way out. They speak in high volume. Their body language is characterised with expressions like frowning, glaring, scowling and gleaning.

Passive Aggressive: They appear to be passive. Their anger and resentment are camouflaged, but are capable to make you feel powerless, undermined and they treat you as an object of resentment. Their tone is indirectly aggressive or sarcastic. These people are not reliable and are of a dubious character. They have a sugary sweet voice and an asymmetrical posture.

Submissive: These are those character types which are submissive, always trying to please others and avoiding conflict. They are apologetic to everyone, they refuse compliments. It has been observed that they suffer from victimhood. Their tone is not confident and they tend to fidget a lot.

Manipulative: This character type is characterised as shrewd, scheming and calculating. They tend to influence and control others. They have a high pitch and patronising tone. One should be very careful and diligent when handling such people, as one cannot be sure of their intent. They have a sugary sweet and patronising voice. They tend to bend to impress by their body language.

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“Take advantage of every opportunity to practise your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people”

                                                            Jim Rohn

Communication is a skillset, which involves two parties. Awareness of your and the other person’s style makes communication easier to handle. This knowledge can aid you in creating rapport, initiating negotiations and developing relations.

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