Discover your future- What do you want to do?

How many times have you asked this mysterious question of what do you want to become when you grow up? A million times! And was there an answer ever? No. Because it really is a mystery for most of you students out there. This is because planning an entire future is never an easy task. In fact, it is terrifying when you come to think of it. It worries you out completely and thinking of it makes you panic. Having said that, it is still crucial to ponder over all this question again and again and realize the answer yourself. This question and its answer is something on which your entire future rests. 

Ask yourself a few questions. Some of you might take time to answer these and some might get it over the top of your head. 

What are the things I’m very passionate about?

Think hard. What is it that drives your passion? This is the first step to move to the next step. This is important for you to be sure so you can identify what is it that drives you today. Something productive that you do every day and miss doing when you can’t. Something that seems worth your time and energy. Pets, animals, plants, being social, gadgets, photography, books, math numbers, fun activities, singing, the list is literally never ending! The whole point is just to find out what you love doing. Then, do it! 

What is it that I despise to do?

Similarly, you also need to know what you do NOT like to do? Is there something that you cannot stand doing at all? Assessing this is crucial too. It can be anything like sitting on one chair for a 9-5 job or work alone in a lonely place or just something that you want to change in your life. 

What all have been my greatest accomplishments so far?

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Analyse your past experiences and good times in life. Something might be there that you are very proud of. Maybe you’ve won some races and have been great at all sports activities. Maybe you’ll love to be coaching others. Or if you’ve done great at debate competitions and love speaking, you can be a motivator. Do something that satisfies your soul. Something that is very fulfilling.

If life had no limits, what would I absolutely choose to do?

What if there’s nothing to stop you from doing anything? What if you have loads of time and lots of money? These are interesting questions to ask yourself. These answers will tell you what you exactly like to do in life. They will help you set goals, reach them effectively and show you the path of doing it. The point is, don’t focus on the limitations. Limitations work when you take them as what they are. Nothing is impossible for you to do!

Whom do I most admire in the world?

Another interesting thing is to think about all the men and women around you that you look up to. Their habits, qualities and what you would want to learn from them. Spend more time with such people. They will motivate you and inspire you. Optimistic people help you get successful too. Steps, Stairs, Up, Staircase, Stairway, Achievement

How much am I focused on getting what I want?

Accomplishments are never easy to achieve. If you really want something too bad, you will do anything to work hard for it. You will have to work harder of course than all the others around you. But you will find every bit of it worthwhile. All this comes with your focus and getting out of your comfort zone. Don’t make the mistake of not enjoying your journey towards success. You will have this to cherish all your life. 

After going through the above questions, you need to take other important actions. 

  1. Assess yourself well. before deciding on a career, assess your interests, skills, aptitude, and values. Also, assess your personality and see which all occupations will you love to be doing. Look for a good fit that’s apt! You can also take psychometric tests and career tests to understand your personality trait.
  2. Pen down the list of occupations that you’d want yourself to be in. If your self-assessment proved to you that with the tests, you’ll know exactly how to choose what. So, do consider them.
  3. Now that you know the occupations, get some basic information about them. Narrow down your search. Find their job description, education needed licensing issues, etc. 

Narrow it even more. Based on your experiences, shortlist the list and you will be left with just a few to choose from. Leave out things that do not appeal to you. Avoid anything that is not acceptable, cross it out from the list. 

  1. Arrange to go meet people who are in the roles that you want to go. They can give you loads of real-time advice and knowledge. Talk to as many people as you can.

When you are ready to make a choice, make sure you know what you are doing. There are so many people who stop what they are into and shift to another job role. Many change their careers at least a few times. 

  1. While you’re at it, make your next goals is to understand you short and long term, goals. Larger ones can take up to 3-5 years and short ones are about 6 months to 3 years. 

 When you’re young and happy, the world seems like your opportunities are endless! So go ahead, take your first step toward improving life. 


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