Episode 1: Motivational Being

Dream Big

Unnatimantra the mantra for success, the success that each of us dreams about. But how do we get there? Let’s start by thinking about it before that, give a few minutes to think about yourself, what are you? where are you going and why are you trying to listen to this podcast? Are you searching for something? Let’s see how Dreams can help you!

Answer this question for me. Do you dream? I think yes, nobody can stop you from dreaming. Every human being be it rich or poor, child or old dreams. You have the right to dream, so why not visualize your dreams, think about it when you’re awake. Set your goals, continue chasing your goals, fail fast, yet try again like Mahatma Gandhi ji, Abraham Lincoln. Just don’t give up. Keep thinking about your dreams and, your sub-conscience will make sure that you are progressing towards your dream. Don’t give up. it might take a days , months or years, but all that matters is the persistence and you would see how you will achieve your goal.

Find out more in the next podcast, why goal setting is so important.

Thanks for listening to unnatimantra!

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