Hobbies that will make you stand out from the crowd


Every child has their hobbies to follow, not necessary that it is going to be common among the other kids. Every child is unique and so is their choice. Hobbies are not just for a pass time but rather it can be the best career path your kid gets into. There are a lot of hobbies which will you make your kid stand out from the crowd. Few of them are listed below: Yoga- Yoga, Woman, Nature, Landscape, Meditate, MeditationIt is one of the most trending exercise forms. Practicing yoga is extremely beneficial. It helps you maintain your weight and also enables your body to function really well. It demonstrates one’s ability to stay calm and composed. Yoga helps you look more attractive as it helps you handle pressure well.

PaintingHands, Words, Meaning, Fingers, Colorful, Markers, PalmEveryone is an artist. By artists, I just don’t mean painters, but anyone who is interested in activities other than academics. But nowadays more people are painters. Painting is a basic, easy and soothing hobby. It is a way of communication. Many storytellers take help of paintings to tell the world about their story. 

BakingChristmas Cookies, Cookies, Christmas, Christmas Baking Baking is also a fast-growing profession these days. Baking cupcakes, cakes, muffins and a lot more is also a way of being stress-free. It is important for one to be well-aware and take all the required equipment while they begin baking.

DanceConcert, Girl, Dancing, Fun, Crowd, Party, Music, YoungDance is a form of art. Not everyone can be good dancers. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication for one to be a professional dancer. It is easier for younger kids to learn to dance in a better form.

Adventure sportsSnow, Fatbikes, Mountain Bikes, Mtb, Bicycles, Cycling There are a lot of adventure sports that schools offer for the students helping them grow and evolve. It will help them build their stamina.

BloggingWordpress, Blogging, Writing, Typing, Macbook, LaptopExpress your emotions and opinions through words. Make everyone aware of what you actually feel about certain things in life. Blogging helps you put across your word to the world. Learn the rules of blogging and have your own blog online.

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Mountain climbingMountaineering, Climbers, Storm, Rough, Cold, WindIt is not an easy hobby to go by. But yes if someone is dedicated enough and has the push, it is one of the most adventurous activities. One needs a lot of determination and hard work for this hobby.

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PhotographyPhotographers, Scenery, Nature, Landscapes, ScenicPhotography is another popular growing industry. A lot of people show interest in professional photography. Photography with the phone itself can be a good start for one to pursue a career in photography.

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Video editingEdition, Video, Edit, Cut, Paste, Maview, MovieVideo can be made by everyone but a video cannot be edited by everyone. It requires special skills and techniques. It is a difficult task but it is exciting and helps a person to learn something innovative.

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FootballFootball, Duel, Rush, Ball, Sport, Footballers, FielderFootball is a famous sport. It teaches one a lot about teamwork, team spirit, and sportsmanship. It is an amazing sport and encourages a lot in the country these days.

Instrument playingGuitar Player, Musician, InstrumentSinging and playing of instruments are always pleasing to the ear. Not everyone has the talent for playing instruments. It requires patience for one to learn the instruments and also interest.

SwimmingWater, Waterfall, Outdoors, Adult, Recreation, SplashMost of the international schools have their swimming pools, encouraging students to learn swimming. Swimming is important for one to be able to save their life and also there are a lot of games which include swimming as a sport. Giving students a chance to learn something useful and also make a living out of it.

ReadingTea Time, Poetry, Coffee, Reading, Leisure, Table, Cup Reading is definitely a hobby. A person who doesn’t like reading would never choose novels and books. Reading is actually one of the best hobbies anyone could have. It helps acquire knowledge and keeps the child up to date with the current happenings in the world.


The hobbies listed would definitely make your child exceptional and different.

Encourage every student or child to do things of their interest. If a student is forced to do anything, they will never do it willingly and most importantly they will not enjoy it. Given a chance when they do things of their choice, they will give in their best and the results will definitely make them proud. It motivates them in many ways to do even better the next month. A student is a delicate child who should be encouraged for all the good they do and not discourage them by naming it stupid. A child is extremely innocent and does everything out of innocence. Motivate them!

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