How to lessen exam stress

Exams are always like a nightmare come true. The students face sleepless
nights, remain tensed and much more. The students need to understand that there is no need to freak out before their exams. They need to be relaxed and work efficiently towards their goals. However, to lessen your stress and get you a little calm here are few ways to have stress-free exam days

Exercise – Exercise can be a good stress relief. Exercise doesn’t mean to go to the gym, even a walk for 15-20 mins would do perfect and help you in many ways. 

Balanced diet – It is crucial for one to eat properly during their exams. Maintaining a perfect balance between the kinds of food helps one to maintain a good body and also stay healthy enabling them to concentrate well on their studies.

Music – Nowadays music is an escape for everything. Whether someone is happy or sad or stressed, music is the only thing you require. Especially during exams, slow music is the most soothing pleasure. The aim stands string that is to divert and freshen up your mind for the next round of studies.

Creative- Indulge yourself in some creative activities like puzzles, or board games or something which pleases you. It helps you stay relaxed and also freshen up your mind.

Movies- Watch your favourite movie and divert your mind. You don’t need to force yourself for anything. Entertainment can be a part of your exam time as well. It helps you concentrate better later.

Study loud- It is rightly said that when you read loud you understand better. So, whenever you are studying, make sure you are reading out loud.

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Study routine- Plan your study routine well and be strong enough to follow that routine well. The more you plan, the easier it gets for you to finish your portion.

Bubble wrap- Bursting bubble wrap is fun and a good stress buster. Pass your time with a small piece of a bubble wrap and decrease your stress level.

Puppies- Pets are a great stress booster for students especially. They help you divert your mind and indulge you in some fun activities without you being aware of it.

Enough sleep- Studies are important but getting ample rest is way more important. Until you relax your mind, it won’t be able to function to its maximum ability.

Dark chocolate- Dark chocolate helps one to fight the exam stress. A new study shows eating dark chocolate may lower levels of stress hormones in people feeling stressed out. The ones which contain 70% and more cocoa.

Breaks- It is not important that everyone can sit and study for hours together. It is wonderful to have small breaks during your studying schedule.

Intake of coffee- Coffee helps you feel relaxed and gives a kick start to your day. Also if you feel like staying up at nights to study, it would be a great idea to drink coffee.

Reading more- Reading more doesn’t mean textbooks, instead, read for pleasure. Read your favourite novel or magazine or some article online to divert your mind.

Happy- It is always better to be happy as it enables your brains to function even better helping you to remember better.

Sing- Whenever you feel you are getting timid or stressed, sing your heart out. Sing your favourite songs and have a chilled time.

Time management- It is necessary for one to manage time during your exam. It is important to maintain a balance between leisure time and study time. Even during your study time, you should learn to manage your time well.

Part portion- When you start studying you need to divide your portion. Start the difficult and new portion first and then go ahead with the easy stuff.

Say no to multitasking- Avoid multi-tasking, and focus on whatever you are doing now.

Positive affirmations- Saying positive affirmations every day helps you stay calm and composed and stress-free. Especially early mornings.

For most students, exams can be easy. They will start and finish with closed eyes. But it is not the same for everyone. Some have terrible sweaty palms and
palpitations even to think of an exam to write.

Even at the time of exams, along with the pressure, take out time for yourself and lighten up a bit. When you enter the exam hall, make sure you make magic happen. We all know how exams stress everyone. Exams stress each person in a different way. Make sure you manage the stress very well and find out ways to eliminate any fears that may surround you.

Arrive early so that you can see where you need to sit where you are most
comfortable and avoid classmates who are stressed and might make you feel
unsure of what all you’ve learned. 

When you get the exam paper, make sure you look and read it entirely and
thoroughly. Read the directions twice. You’ll be able to handle time well!

Don’t rush with your answers but go with a comfortable pace that will keep you at ease. Don’t compare your speed with other mates in the room. Just concentrate on yours, and you’ll do just fine. 

There is no use to stress yourself because stress doesn’t allow you to focus well on your studies. So be relaxed and study even better.

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