Ideas for college campus activities.

It is necessary for college students to have fun on-campus. It helps them take a break from studies and actually helps them learn a lot more than the usual
textbooks. There are a million things one can conduct in college for the students to have their entertainment and also learn at the same time. 

Few are listed below:

Workshops- Organize for workshops where students are given an opportunity to learn new and creative stuff and not the same old stuff which they have been learning for the past five years. Workshops for cooking, recycling waste for their everyday needs and much more would help gather more students’ interest and encourage them to think in a more creative way.

Talk session- Colleges should focus on more interesting talk sessions with well- known personalities who would give today’s generation a better picture of life ahead. Everyone knows hard work is the key to success. Students need to hear of things which are less spoken about and more which are of their interest.

Pet meet- Most of the students have their pets as their best friend. Why not arrange for a pet meet in college? Allowing everyone to bring their cuties to college and have few fun activities should push the students to indulge in the activities and play a major role and help them arrange meets for the future.

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TEDx- TEDx is a talk session where most of the times celebrities are invited to
interact with the student and share their experience of life. Most of the colleges these days are organizing for TEDx and encouraging their students to attend such sessions for a better understanding.

Stress-free activities- Arranging for fun-filled activities like treasure hunts and much more will attract a lot of students and keep them busy with interesting activities.

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Photo-booth- The majority of the college festival have a photo booth. Students love such booths and have a lot of fun clicking pictures and somehow earn money as well.

Fundraising- It is a very good though if the college encourages the students to raise fund for a Ngo or some non-profitable organization. It motivates the students to go beyond their limits and do well for the society.

Dinner mix- It is always fun to invite other college students for certain activities and it increases participation as well. It allows the students to spend time with other students and learn something from them.

Open yoga days- Everyone is health conscious these days and majorly the college students. Organize yoga days, encouraging students to perform more of yoga rather than hitting the gym which in the later run wouldn’t be that good.

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Happy hours- Provide mocktails and a variety of food to the students. It encourages students to indulge in many fun-filled activities and at the same time, it helps them to learn a lot besides their textbooks.

Plantation days- Encourage students to grow more and more trees. Helping the campus to look even greener and also teaching the students the importance of trees.

Painting session- Every student has a hidden artist in them. Given those shy artists a chance to showcase their talent to the rest of the college.

Different courses- Arrange for courses for race, gender, and less spoken topics. Making the students aware that they have the liberty to talk about anything they wish. 

Lost? Station- This can be more helpful for the first years in college. It definitely takes time for students to learn their campus, always having lost stations is a better option. It helps students identify their classrooms and makes it convenient for them to know about the campus sooner.

Band day- Invite the city’s well-known bands and have a music day for the students. Every student loves music and no one will ever miss something like this at their college. It gives them a chance of learning more about music and maybe even performing a few numbers.

Comedy evening- At least 10 out of 100 students in a college must be having the ability to be a stand-up comedian. Give them a chance to show off their talent and make everyone around laugh their hearts out. 

Self-care- Invite student for self-care sessions, providing them with the knowledge of how to take care of themselves. Their physical as well as mental health matters a lot. It is necessary for them to look after themselves and do the right things in life always.

Entertainment day- Organizing different activities for different talents like
dancing. singing, painting and much more and award the best entertainer. It will encourage moving out of their comfort zone and indulging in such activities.
Bonfire nights- Winters are all about feeling cosy? Not really!!! Organize bonfire nights for the students along with some fun interesting activities.

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