Importance of Professional Networking For the Working Class

Professional networking is one of the most time-worthy ways of relationship building. This has become a hot topic today. It’s important to realize that there are different types of networks and which one will work for you and how. Good professional networking gives you access to information which you cannot get from your family.

The whole aim of professional networking is all about building relationships and trust. You’ll never finds it as easy as you exchange your business cards. For your network to be strong and successful, you need a real relationship that is built not just on performance but also on good proper work ethics. Linkedin, Linked, In, Professional Network, Network

Many people aren’t aware of how much professional networking pushes your career up! They don’t know the basics and how to go about it. It is okay if you do not know how to go about it. Networking is not as complicated as you think it is. Take the initial baby steps and learn how to develop. 

Professional networking is a big step to scale up keeping your career in mind. It also keeps you in touch with all the development in your sector and informed about new opportunities. Some major reasons why everyone needs professional networking can be:

  • To gain access to information and apt knowledge
  • To be perceived as the ‘top-of-mind’ expert in a field of business
  • To make new professional relationships and to strengthen the old ones
  • To have trust-worthy relations with all
  • To have a good time. Let’s be honest, this is an important reason too
  • To make sure other people know who you are, what you do, what’s the goal.
  • Self-promotion, the establishment of yourself 


How can networking help in career advancement?

With networking, you can choose a career with ease and gather all the necessary information that you need for it. Explore options and resources. You can discuss the information you need with someone who has been doing the job you’re getting into. You can take this as an informal interview and you can get to know everything about this career. If you are into the HR of the company, your networking contacts can get you, prospective employees, that they know personally and saves a little time. Even if you find yourself at a place where you want to experience a change in the job you’re doing, your networking can help you find better, prospective employers. Businesswoman, Personal, Communication, Social Network

Whom do you need to be in your networking?

Always keep in touch with the present and the previous colleague. You are more likely to get genuine information from them because you have a good relationship from work. Sharing experiences with each other can help you decide. You can keep your family and friends apprised of your goals. You never know who can come up with the help you need to move up. Alternatively, the faculty of your schools, colleges, and university, especially the ones that have taught you your majors, should always be a part of your networking. If your lecturers have moved up from being a teacher to be the head of a particular department in a subject, they can help you in many ways. Never stop being in touch. Needless to say, former classmates and study mates should always be connected too. 

How can you keep your network alive?

Do not forget your network or ignore it. Take steps to build towards it. Don’t use it only when you are in dire need of contacts or help from anyone. Just keep in touch with everyone on a regular basis. If you forget things and avoid people, there is a possibility they might forget you and that won’t be an apt thing when you’ll need assistance. You might miss out on a good opportunity just because they do not remember you anymore. 

Are you holding yourself back from meeting former people?

There is a possibility that you might be skeptical or shy from meeting former class fellows or old work friends. Get up with confidence and start networking with everyone. You are missing out on a lot of benefits that you can have while keeping these people in a network. Thankfully you now have social networking sites that can keep your networking up-to-date. You can make good contacts without having to get too personal with anyone. So do not let shyness stop you from connecting with anyone. 

Are you aware of the major types of networking?

This is the best way to set networking priorities is to know about the basic first. There are a few types of networking but there are two of them- Expansive networking and Nodal networking. 

According to the Forbes article, the Expansive network is a big umbrella of contacts. This will include everyone from your present known people to your former class-fellows, former work friends, your industry contacts. Basically, this group will be the one who speaks about you as a potential hire by referring you based on your complete work experience and accomplishments that they know of. They are maybe able to steer you in the right direction for your job. 

The word Nodal means the point in a system from where different paths intersect. Nodal type of networking is also famously called the “street-smart networking”. This is that type of contacts that understand your career in a specific scenario. Basically, know just whom to contact directly for a particular job role. Operational networking, strategic networking, and personal networking are other types of networking. 

 Some extra help? Here are some worth networking websites:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Academia
  • Instagram
  • slide share


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