Keep yourself productively occupied

Time is the most precious commodity available to us. There are times when our work load is less; or we are on a break; or we might be waiting for crucial results. The mantra is to keep yourself productively occupied.

Universities around the world offer courses online. All of us have a bucket list, along with that we have a will do list too. Those courses which we had to forgo due to our other commitments can be done now. These courses will assist you in your future professional journey.

Our body is the temple in which we reside. When life is hectic, we tend to ignore or reduce our time dedicated to yoga, fitness and meditation. Occasions when we have some free time dedicate it to inculcate a positive habit of maintaining a healthy mind and body. Solving word puzzles and sudoku keeps your grey cells active and ticking.

You are never too old to learn something new. You have time, invest it in learning a new language or an instrument. The experience is rejuvenating for the brain and the soul. This not only activates your brain, also keeps you happy. It has been proven by research that learning a new thing is as therapeutic as meditation.

If you are not working then work on networking. While we are busy in our professional responsibilities, we often tend to ignore networking or maintaining active contact with our social circle. If on a break networking can be the pathway to your next job. If you are a fresher networking can lead to a lot of information and leads for future options.

In today’s highly dynamic work environment, where something is changing every second, upskill yourself. You have not entered the workforce yet or are on a break or are still undecided on your future plans, whatever the scene preparedness is the key to success. Keep yourself updated on technology and of your relevant field.

Awareness and consciousness of the world and what is happening inside it is paramount. Your awareness of current affairs, market conditions helps you in being relevant to any circle or group.

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There is a lot to do, a lot to explore, a lot to experience! Invest in yourself the returns are far greater than any investment you ever make.

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