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I work with a guy who is a single dad and has an adorable daughter who looks just like him.  He brings her to work sometimes at night while he is working.

Last night, he picked her up and brought her to work, and she was standing at my desk chatting with me.  I believe she is 10 or 11 years old and has a mom who lives far away and who she only sees about three times a year.  While we were chatting, I was looking at her thinking how wonderful her father is to her, but how it must be hard not to be around her mom more often.  I am so thankful my girls got to grow up with their father and mother together. 

Anyway, I looked into her heart, and God touched my heart to do something for her.  The next day, I went to the mall and got a $20 gift card from Ardene’s.  I wrote a nice card to her and put the gift card inside.  I gave it to her dad and asked him to give it to her.  My prayer was that it may be a source of encouragement for her when she opened it.  She is very close to her dad and he is an amazing dad, but I thought she might like a woman’s touch.

It is amazing how excited and happy I can get when I do something for someone else.  I sure hope it put a smile on her face

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