Social Media: Blessing or Curse For College Students

Social media from the start has always been the talk. It’s the favourite activity to do for everyone regardless of their age. It is meant to be taken as an entertainment activity and the best time for everyone. It’s also been one of the most used communication tools. Google has always been a blessing for the world to find any information about anything in this world. The internet has abundant information beyond we can ever imagine. It’s been a great tool for so many who can benefit from the advantages social media gives us although everything has its pros and cons. 
In a way, so much depends on how all the social media websites are being used. Though they have great power over everyone’s minds, they can also be abused and overused. When used wisely, the benefits of social media can definitely outweigh its disadvantages. Social media changes with everyday activities. It makes big and small changes in the world. This leads to encouragement around the world to get more changes for the better. It encourages the world of communication which leads to excellent learning opportunities. Technology is evolving rapidly in the world you live in. This efficiency in our advanced society lets you share your opinions with others and influence each other. Huge platforms for great ideas help your voice be
heard out there. You can take steps towards making a difference by using websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Social Media, Media, Social, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter

However, like said earlier, it can be of disadvantage too. This depends on the user. You can either use it to your potential and make a mark or simply end up using it for fun and addiction sometimes. 

Advantages of social media:

Firstly we cannot ignore the fact that social media is contributing so much towards education. It is a huge learning tool for all school and college students. You can come to college with already read information and knowledge. Be well-equipped with how it works. Webinars, online discussion forums and other such platforms can foster collaborations and discussions, create meaningful dialogue, help exchange ideas and boost the learning experience. Social media helps you stay connected with your network and with the updates and news on a daily and every minute basis. Helps you stay up to date with happenings of the world. Staying connected with friends and families that are in other cities and sharing the news with them. Its the fastest and the easiest ways of communication. On a bigger perspective, social media can inevitably lead you to get good job opportunities. LinkedIn helps you to
get connected with the professional world. It encourages you to think from a
professional point of view and connect with employers. When the employers post a job opening, you’ll know it in no time! Twitter and LinkedIn helps you stay updated on news and important developments from the fields of their career choices. 

Been creative enough in college? Use your social media handles now! This can help you display your creativity and talent in the entire world just in minutes. You can have your own set of followers who can share their work with you too. You get appreciated for work but can also be criticized which also should be taken positively. Another great advantage is the marketing work you can do with the help of social media. It is all digital now. So is the marketing world. As you can see it, digital advertising is the future. You can reach the largely untapped market online. Also allows you or anyone as a marketer to display their products and showcase it to a big audience with less hard work and money spent. Some advantages cannot be explained well. The amount of exposure you will be getting from the world of social media, cannot be measured. But will give it to you in abundance! The internet has
made it accessible to get a large amount of information on many things. You can share a lot of information, your opinions and ideas through social media, webinar links, videos for tutorials, website info, etc. You can also interact with your class fellows and lecturers and discuss things. Study online from online classes by other lecturers, that are free of cost

Disadvantages of social media:
Like everything, social media has a set of cons. Its disadvantages come in play when you aren’t being too attentive towards the bigger goals of life. Social media can easily become a big distraction for you and keep you busy and addicted to it. It basically changes your behaviour and your attitude towards everything. You can start using it for popularity reasons which are in a way lethal for your future. Social media can lead to relationships being abused and misused or be fake on sites like facebook, giving relationships an artificial trait. Using it for a positive purpose, it is a complete blessing for the modern world. Ball, Networks, Internet, Network, Social

From providing your students with information and opportunities to build business networks, to find jobs and employment options, social media has a lot to offer! Helping you to see the world with a larger lens, the world of social media is fun and attractive and genuinely very interactive. What needs to be re-evaluated is how you use social media at every step very carefully. 

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When used wisely, the benefits can definitely be used with ease. It acts good and bad both. It’s always believed that information has a lot of power. Without information, people cannot change the world. With the help of social media, you have the liberty to change the world slowly and very strongly and its well-being at just a click of a button!

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