The concept of Professionalism

There are a lot of factors that determine if you are a professional and how good a professional you are. It includes how to act, talk, work and react. The world believes that amateur work is acceptable and normal. Many people are okay with less-than-normal results. But a professional doesn’t settle easily for anything else than perfection. Your attitude has to be the topmost more than anything else to be called a professional. Business, Man, Adult, American, Boss, Break Time

The attributes that define a professional at work:

Punctuality – It is essential to reach on time to office or for meetings. Your level of punctuality describes a lot of you as an employee. If you are one of those people who reach office late and are never on time for their meetings, it makes the management feel you are not interested in your job. Success belongs to those who choose to finish their work ahead of time.

Appearance- How you dress in your office matters a lot. You need to always dress decently and present yourself in a pleasant way. Along with dressing decently, it is important to maintain your hygiene. Professional clothing, clear cut image and well-groomed hair, that’s how a good professional employee should look. “Your appearance can be a weapon as powerful as any knife or gun,” says Barbara.

Accountability- Once you are assigned a certain task, it is important for you to
complete it on time and if due to some unforeseen reasons you are not able to
complete it on time, you are supposed to keep your manager or any higher authority informed. Keeping them informed makes it easier for them to work and even you as an employee can avoid trouble. Catherine Pulsifer says, “At the end of the day we are accountable to ourselves, our success is a result of what we do.”

Be competitive- When you are working in an organization, it is necessary for one to be competitive. It pushes one to achieve more resulting in their benefit and also helps the organization to grow well. 

Be humble- One of the greatness sign of a professional is to be humble. Come what may, one shouldn’t lose their cool and be rude to any co-employee. Being humble and patient will make it easier for your co-employees to share their problems with you. Making it even better to work. “Humility is the ability to give up your pride and
still, retain your dignity.”

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Good communication skills- It is important for one to have good communication skills to survive in an organization. One needs to learn the difference of how they should talk to anyone in the organization. It is necessary to respect every employee.

Behaving in a moral and civilized way- Your behaviour says a lot about your
personality. Behaving in the most civilised way doesn’t need to be said. It should be coming naturally. It is also important to check how you carry yourself. This includes your clothing and how you sync with it. Be presentable. t all times.

Standing on your ground- Always be on your words. Staying on your words shows a man’s integrity. Because your words become actions and actions are what the world gets to see. Not giving anyone a chance to raise fingers at you. Do whatever you say.
Always walk your talk!

Skilful in your field- Do your best in whatever you are doing. Give your 100% and then enjoy the results. Stay well-informed about your job and work accordingly.

Be confident- Nothing goes well until you are confident about whatever you are doing. Do whatever you feel you know and not such for the heck of it. Confidence makes your work easier.

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Professionalism is critical in a working place:

  1. Create boundary- A person who presents him/herself professionally, limit
    themselves from talking and indulging in gossip.
  2. Creating a better atmosphere- A professional atmosphere attracts more
  3. Job satisfaction- Professionalism decreases the negative and stress filled
    vibe and gives satisfaction to the employee.
  4. Personal growth- It helps one to evolve and grow personally. 
  5. Sense of responsibility- It increases a sense of responsibility in a person. They
    ensure to submit their work on time and also be accountable to their
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