The Regan method of negotiating

Ronald Regan was the 40th President of The United States. He was a persuasive negotiator. His way of negotiation is known as the Regan method of negotiation.

Ronald Regan had to settle a violent dispute between the bus drivers and the city of Los Angeles. He was going to stand for the presidential elections that year. The way he resolved the issue gave birth to what is known as the Regan method of Negotiation.

Enumerate Agreements and concessions.

He flew to California, and initiated a series of conversations, enumerating all the issues agreed upon. Through dialogue he first cleared the points on which both the parties agreed upon. This is a positive way to start dialogue as it starts on agreements and not disagreements.

Group and prioritise the issues to be addressed

During the conflict, Regan grouped the issues of conflict from easiest to solve to the most contentious ones. After having resolved the easy ones, he put all his effort on the difficult points which needed to be resolved. By solving the easier conflict points, you gain ground on which you can move ahead.

Focus on the achievement

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Regan succeeded in negotiating as he would summarise all the accomplishments from time to time, thus shedding light on the ground covered, from where you can move forward. Regular monitoring and summarising make all the parties involved concentrate and focus on success achieved, thus moving ahead with positivity.

Work on your credibility

The art of negotiating is an extension of impeccable communication skills. If you do not want your intention to be questioned, then work on your communication skills. This will help you to move forward with an assurance of faith and stability. When entering negotiation your reputation and rapport should be such that the other parties involved are willing to hear your perspective

Overcome uncertainty

When Ronald Regan entered White House, America was going through great instability. It had witnessed the assassination of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. The memory of Vietnam War was raw. Regan entered with a clear message of emotional stability. This clear message is the most important trait of a stable and successful negotiator. He should enter with a clear message of a strong intent to resolve. Faith and belief in the negotiator is paramount

Show self confidence

When you are sitting on the negotiating table you need to exhibit self-confidence. Your belief in your perspective is crucial in making others rationally agree to your perspective. Regan knew this, he knew he had to make others in the room believe in him, he exhibited that confidence. Self-belief or self-confidence comes from the fact that you know what you desire is correct and appropriate. Without this trait however correct you may be winning over a negotiation is near impossible

The Regan method is followed all over the world, as it assures you success in the art of negotiating.

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