Tips for Exploring a better work-life balance

Work! A big part of everyone’s life today. It is believed to be the most common societal norm around the world today. We are asked to go to school, get a job, and make a career. This does not just satisfy the financial life which is the most important on the list of things in life but also satisfies our emotional life. You work to succeed in life. Success is worth all the effort you put in. Make goals. That’s your key to success. Make a goal and follow it step by step. The actual goal should be creating an equilibrium to balance health, relationships and career. Anything missing in life can indicate you’re doing something wrong.

Work can be demanding at times. Work can take most of your time at times. We spend most of our active hours working and the rest of our time thinking and planning about work. While this is true, work needs to take a back seat when it comes to your overall well-being. You also need time for important family commitments, spending time on any hobbies if you have, for meeting friends and extended family and many more emotional and social commitments. This is that part of your life that can give you immense satisfaction at the end of the day. Don’t focus entirely on work that will make you ignore the passion for living life on a lighter side and make you neglect the activities that keep your spirits high!

  1. No perfect balance:

First things first! There no word that actually explains “perfection” in any of our activities in life. We all dream of a life that starts a great morning, with a delicious breakfast a perfect mug of coffee and head out straight. Work efficiently, come back home, unwind a bit and snuggle up in bed after dinner. Unfortunately, life is seldom that way. We cannot strive for a perfect scheduled life. We should be striving for a realistic one. A lot of hopes are met there itself. Every day is different. Some days you’ll have great focus on work, some days you’ll feel down and would like to just to relax on your couch with a warm bowl of soup in your hand. Some days you will have the urge to be all by yourself and figure out life. Some days, you’ll carve for the whole family to be around you, spending time relaxing and playing with the kids. It’s all about balance. The right thing is needed at the right time. You will notice each day getting a bit better. Keep redirecting yourself till you strike that “balance”. 

  1. Prioritize:

Prioritize. We all have a list of the most important things in life. Loved ones, work, health, friends, God, and sleep! All of these are vital for a right balanced life. The point is to prioritize. We unconsciously distribute a lot of our time on things that are not important for us. We just go with the flow missing out on so many things that should top our lists. Understand. Think carefully and learn to say “NO”. Learn to say no to people, work, activities, or anything that will put you back or disturbs life even a bit. It will take time for you to learn this. But when you do, you’ll be so calm and at peace inside you. 

  1. Stop wasting time:

Time is crucial. Time is everything today. You won’t understand how quickly time speeds and passes away when we are not paying any attention. You will have to know where you are putting your time and how. Reflect on your activities and draw boundaries. Do not let activities that shouldn’t even be in your list to push you in a time-wasting spiral of life. Make a to-do list every day. It will be easier to determine what needs to be trimmed from the schedule. Time management plays a huge role in setting up life. You will have to be wise and diplomatic enough to keep unnecessary people and activities aside. Always remember, internet plays a big role in this too. Use the web and the surfing needs carefully. And always remember, it’s called the “web” for a reason!

  1. Unplug!

From watching movies to telecommunicating programs, from important work activities to face timing with family, there is no denying that technology has helped us tremendously in life. But the fact remains that once we are in this techno world, we are automatically cut off from all the outside world. This takes your mind into a state of standstill and you end up wasting so much time in things that you never wanted. Sometimes, unplugging could mean going on a vacation too. Or, just reading a novel that will calm you down. Also, be resilient of anything unimportant. It is said that resilient people have a greater sense of control over their lives. 

  1. Like your job. Really.

Work is a major part of your life. Hence, the effect it has is major too! If you hate what you’re doing, you’re never going to be happy with it. Needless to say, you should be choosing something that you will love doing. Something that makes you feel better about life and it’s routine. This can change your quality of work extremely well. You don’t need to love every bit of your work but there has to be something that will keep you moving and your passion high. Don’t get just drained at work. Get drained along with the highest spirits! Look into all the aspects and choose the work that will bring out the best in you.

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There can be a list of things that can work as a discouragement for you. Something that is pulling you back for the work-life balance. societal expectations can stress you out badly. Things are much easier said than done. And our society knows that the best. Any mental stress or depression will also deteriorate your mental and physical health badly. Do make sure you aren’t looking for 100% perfection. It will lead you to unnecessary and greater imbalances of work-life. Fixed rules at work lead to no room for a controlled life. One rule cannot be good to go for all. One boss, one work or one employer cannot fit everyone perfectly. Choose the one that fits you well! 

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