Want to go big on Instagram?

One that tops all the social media websites is undoubtedly Instagram. The popularity has been touching the skies. With more than 800 million users from around the world, it has become the most used social media sharing app. 

Every person you see is engrossed in the mobile and scrolling away happily. Posting pictures and liking them is everyone’s favourite activity. Instagram is known for its ubiquity but it always seems like there is something that the world needs to be aware of. Its full potential hasn’t been discovered. 

Are you one of those who would die to have likes and followers on Instagram? Is it your favourite app of all times? Do you dream of a successful page there?

Instagram can be easily used by anyone, be it a homemaker, an elderly person, kids, practically anyone. Instagram is capable of turning anyone into successful people. Regardless of you being into management, simple homemaking, a traveller or anyone. Instagram can change you completely!Social, Social Networks, Icon, Icons, Network

At last, it is achievable but depends on how badly you want it. Who cares about how long it is going to take?!

Let us see how you can be Instagram famous:

  1. Genuine content:
    This is the whole point of you wanting to be famous among hundreds of them out there trying to do exactly what you want to! Your content has to be exclusively genuine and authentic. This has to be your best practice of all. It is always good to have top-notch content. Put your entire focus on the quality. Keep posting very frequently. People prefer to see higher quality ones than the quantity going down and still having so many blogs to read. But yes, authenticity doesn’t come too easily. You cannot forget what you see. If other competitors have great content then you’ll be
    forced to have its influence on your work. Just remain honest and true with a passion for your work. Do not doubt your ability to come up with content that is genuinely yours!
  2. Flexible to brands: 
    If you notice, all Instagram influencers know exactly what they need and what is the depth of their brand. Focusing just on the brand makes it easier to be true to your audience and also allowing you to change your direction. You can anytime when you feel like it, can change the brand or the activity that surrounds your Instagram account. This way you will get connected to the followers showing the inside of you. They get inspired by you and would want to change themselves along with you and experience real life. 
  3. Photography skills: 
    This is important. This skill is the core of Instagram posts. Because it is so much about pictures and stories related to the same, your photography skills have to be excellent too! You would often think that your iPhone or any other phone for that matter, takes pretty good pictures. But mostly the quality is missed out on. As an influencer, filters are not enough. You would be better off investing in some good equipment for photos and editing. 
  4. Be Persistent:
    As an influencer, you have the responsibility of showing the world from your eyes. It’s not easy at all. But you cannot deny this that this role is incredibly rewarding too! Your hard work, your passion, your interest and your time. It needs it all and all will help you push through any challenging times.
  5. Focus on the audience: 
    Consider what you have to offer to your audience. Can be designing clothes, creative ideas, helping them review places and things, etc. Take each step at a time. Just make sure that you are true to your aesthetic. After all, Instagram is a platform is to connect true experiences. 
  6. Your own hashtags:                                                                                        Develop your own hashtags that describe you and your passion towards what you do. This is used just by you and your community. Hashtags will make your work look more professional. Your hashtags make your account look more professional. This can be anything like your name, your work, a program or a product that you want people to love. It’s mostly a combination of all these or a few. Select some fun and smart hashtags!                                                                                 
  7. Variety in your hashtags:                                                                                      Research a lot before selecting your hashtags. It’s all about your perspective in all such cases. Some of the influencers on Instagram might prefer to use less number of hashtags and some may believe in loads of them to make them personalized. Research tells us that you should have at least 11 hashtags to attract the audience. An experiment did in 2018 showed us that using fewer hashtags in the topic and more in the comments, made the attention go down drastically. So make sure you use many and use them all in your photo tags itself!
  8. Know your competitors:
    Yes, it’s good to know your competitors. Understand their profile and get to know what posts they usually put. It’s not necessary not to talk and discuss. You can be friends and collaborate with products with them. Don’t let unnecessary negative things come to you. If you contact anyone and they don’t reply, it’s ok. They will. And it really doesn’t matter if they don’t. 
  9. Local Exposure:
    Whenever you travel, make sure you make the most of it. Interact with the locals and keenly observe their lifestyle. Take pictures, videos, voice recordings, etc. Geotag with them and similar ones. Use the actual location you’re at. This will draw followers closer to you. The whole world uses Instagram. Sharing these posts with everyone will make sure you stay connected with everyone.                Social, Media, Manager, Online, Woman, Organization                                                     

       Things you should consider knowing:
       Instagram account is not public. So remember, if people cannot find you,           they will not follow you!

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       Following random accounts is a waste of time. 
       Following or liking too many accounts fast (as in 200 in few minutes) –             You’ll probably get banned from using your account. 

       Posting duplicate (others) content will get you banned. 
       Not responding to comments or doing it poorly is a terrible thing to do to         your account. Reply asap!! 

      Do reply fast but remember to focus on quantity instead of quality, always.

      Using irrelevant hashtags will not get you the outcome and audience that          you want.

  Posting over any promotional content.
  So, we all know Instagram is a beautiful platform to use and it is going to stay forever. So be keen on putting good content, value your time on it, be friendly and friendly with others. It will make you enjoy this even more. Like any other job or activity, the more time you can spend on it, the more success it will get you. Just hit that 1000 number of followers and you will be good and accelerating!

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