Ways to reduce stress during exams

Examinations are a part of life. Life on various curves will keep on throwing challenges at you, which you have to successfully resolve. If you treat exams as one of the several challenges which will continue till you live, it will reduce stress. Be it crucial board exams or entrance examinations or exams in colleges, you need to face it as a deft batsman, try to hit a six. If you do not get a six or a four, a couple or clean bold is equally fine as you will always get a chance to play again. Remember examinations are an ongoing process not a once in a life time opportunity.

What is required from you is learn from the experience, if it went well remember what were the reasons behind it. It could be meticulous planning or enough time for revision. If it did not go as you desired, sit down and analyse, introspect, reflect and make notes for future examinations.

It is normal to doubt your own preparedness or readiness before or during exams. These transient thoughts of self-doubt are natural don’t let it build a home inside you. Sit and rationally evaluate what can be done. Before that take the time left into account and then decide what can be added or what is best left. Overfilling your plate with unrealistic goals lead to stress. Be Rational. Be Practical.

Students often tend to compare each other. Joint studies and comparison about your preparedness, if it suits you is fine. Point to remember here is all of you have different capabilities, your brain works in different fashion. For one revision may not be necessary while for another a few revisions are the way of preparation. For a few of you sleep and rest is crucial for good performance, a few may manage with a little less sleep. Do not compare yourself to others and create stress. Stay away from such friends and free advisors who make you feel that your preparation is inadequate. Comparison is the creator of stress.

There are a few points to remember in general. These points will help you to optimise your performance.

Have adequate sleep. Sleep for at least 8 hours every day.

Take healthy nutritious diet. Avoid fatty and oily food as they make you lethargic.

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Include some physical activity every day. A healthy body only can house a healthy mind.

Keep some time for recreation. Don’t oversaturate your brains, give it some relaxation.

Stay away from people or friends who increase your anxiety levels.

Examinations will come and go in life, they are transient. Your well being should be the goal as learning is an ongoing process.

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